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Chinese YMCA OF Hong Kong

The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong was established in 1901, has 80,000 members, 1,800 full-time staff, 3,000 volunteers and runs 50 service centres with various forms of Christian-orientated youth work.


Work areas of the CYMCA of Hong Kong

In order to reach people in the various institutions, the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has divided its work into six different areas.

  • social services
  • Educational services
  • Leisure & sport
  • Hotelle
  • Camps
  • christian work

The mission statement of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong


  • "To serve, not to be served"
  • This principle comes from Mark 10:45: "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many."

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Chinese YMCA of Hongkong Logo

The Chienese YMCA of Hong Kong is the bridge between Germany and China, Homebase for the voluntaries, interns, exchange programs and the international secretaries.


The YMCA Nuernberg is living one of the strongest partnerships with the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the YMCA Guangzhou.  

CVJM Nürnberg

The YMCA Nuernberg was founded in 1898. Today he has over 300 volunteers and several full-time YMCA secretaries. With its house in the old town, the YMCA Nuremberg reaches many people from all age groups every day. According to his goal #gemeinsambegeistert (exited together), he wants to get people excited about Jesus, that they follow him and live a community with him.


What YMCA would like in general:

  • We want to help people develop their lives. The development of the whole person with body, soul and spirit finds its attention in the YMCA program.
  • We want to invite to a life with Jesus, because we believe that Jesus gives purpose, meaning and standards to life.
  • We want to be there especially for children, adolescents and young adults, and also for people of all generations.
  • We want to offer shared responsibility and invite people to join a strong community of employees. We want to broaden horizons, break down prejudices and strengthen the international community.

The mission statement of the YMCA Nuremberg

  • "A house full of life"

YMCA Guangzhou

The YMCA of Guangzhou was established in 1909 and is involved in various social sectors in the city. Like other Chinese associations, it is growing quickly.. It is of great importance for the association to live and proclaim the love of God in practical charity. He places a special focus on helping with social problems that arise from urbanization in China. The goals are a successful life and a harmonious social atmosphere.


Working areas of the YMCA Guangzhou

  • Youth work
  • Senior work
  • Migrant work
  • Working with children in need

The mission statement of the YMCA Guangzhou
The guidance of the YMCA is “Not to be served, but to serve”- as a Christian organisation, the YMCA of Guangzhou is dedicated to the needs of the youth and serves society. In times of rapid developments in state and society, it seeks to improve the situation of young people and encourages them to take on social responsibility. The YMCA supports individuals, families and groups holistically through its work. Its goals are successful lives and a harmonious social atmosphere.

The guiding principle is Matthew 20:28: “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Logo dt. Gemeinde

The German community accompanied the German volunteers in Hong Kong until the Drechsel couple were sent there. To this day, the German volunteers in Hong Kong work actively with the community and, for example, accompany the work with children and confirmees.


The German-speaking Protestant church in Hong Kong was founded in 1965 and, as one of around 100 German congregations abroad, holds regular German church services in Hong Kong. She also leads a lively community life, which appeals to Germans living in Hong Kong in particular, but also to other people who want German-speaking community life.


Since 2019 Martin Sommer, a pastor from western Germany is pastor of the community.

Guangdong Union theological Seminary

The Guangdong Union Theological Seminary is a theological seminary, which was founded in 1914 by 11 different theological organisations and denominational conventions and that is located in Dongping Village, Baiyun District of Guangzhou.

The Guangdong Union Theological Seminary offers two seminaries:

  • a three-year college degree
  • a theological bachelor’s degree.

The campus currently has 106 students in three different classes.

To date, the seminar has produced more than 420 college graduates and trained approximately 600 students who have taken the pastoral training courses. These graduates cover about 75% of the total pastoral staff in Guangdong Province.

The university consists of several buildings, including a library with more than 30,000 books.


A variety of theological and cultural subjects are taught by 25 full-time and visiting lecturers.

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Logo Guangdong Union theological Seminary

Many students at the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary work in YMCAs in southern China and participate in our partnership programs.

Logo Berufsschule B4

The commercial vocational school 4 conducts exchange programs with its students to Hong Kong and Guangzhou every year

Vocational School B4

Every year, hundreds of young people from all over the world with differing educational backgrounds and religious affiliations visit the Vocational School B4 in Nuremberg. Accordingly, it is necessary to fulfil various wishes, expectations, hopes, and goals.

All the students have the same goal: Graduating successfully with an admitted commercial apprenticeship.

The aim of the educational work of the B4 is:

  • training the students to qualified merchants for an increasingly internationalised labour market in close cooperation with the training organisations,
  • enabling them to think and act independently,
  • educating them to be responsible for themselves and a humane society as well as
  • preparing them for the changes at the workplace by strengthening their digital and intercultural skills.

To achieve this, B4 has been offering its students an additional educational offer for several years now: in cooperation with the YMCA Nuremberg, a two-week study trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Guangdong, South China) is conducted every year.

With this, the B4 keeps the long tradition of Nuremberg vocational schools in an innovative and progressive way.


In addition to these partners, there are many other friends of the partnership. We also work with other YMCAs on joint exchange programs and programs to further promote intercultural exchange and to create a large network of partners who work together on the goals of the partnership.


These are:


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